2020 State Election

Tanika Parker

Tanika is passionate about netball and animals, as well as being a keen Maroons supporter. With her nursing background, health, education and skill-based training passions, Tanika has been involved in mercy missions across the Asia-Pacific area as well. Her priorities are about improving the Cape’s shamefully under-supported health services and infrastructure, as well as driving education, tourism and employment to boost the region.“I will start tapping into and utilising resources that will upskill and provide support for our youth during and move the office back to Mareeba in the electorate.”. Tanika’s connections to Cook are strong with links to the Guguu Yimithirr Bama of Hope Vale. Her father was a farmer who worked for the Department of Primary Industries and her mother is an academic. “I am excited about joining the KAP and helping the people of Cook realise their dreams for their communities and our very special region.”.

E: [email protected]          P: 0406 862 633          Fb: @kapcandidatecook

Sam Cox

“I was born and bred in the Burdekin, I got married in the Burdekin and hopefully when my time comes I’ll be buried in the Burdekin,” he says. Sam’s love for the region isn’t just talk, either – he previously represented the electorate of Thuringowa as the LNP MP between 2012-2015, bringing about numerous real improvements including securing $24m for flood proofing Blakeys Crossing, and  obtaining a commitment for extra Police in Townsville to help bring crime – in particular, juvenile crime – under control. Sam, like many in the regions, has come to recognise that the LNP and ALP will always be about chasing votes in the south-east corner.  Sam’s decision to stand with the KAP this election is to be part of a team that is focused on regional issues and addressing the inequity of spending and resources in the city.

E: [email protected]          P: 0413 246 610          Fb: @kapcandidateburdekin

Ciaron Paterson

Coming from a military family (his dad and stepdad both served together in Vietnam and his mum was a driver in Brisbane), Ciaron Paterson has respect, community, empathy and hard work ingrained into him right from the start. Describing himself as “a larger than life kinda guy”, Ciaron has been working ever since he was 13 and in true North Queensland style, is passionate about football, fishing, camping and shooting. His work has taken him from Brisbane factories to bricklaying to meat-works to fishing trawlers to being a farmhand to working in the mines – where he has been for the past 17 years – giving him a unique insight into the challenges facing real people in Queensland. Ciaron has a big passion for helping troubled youths and young adult programs. The Whitsunday region is very important to him, and he is committed to both his election tilt and the KAP.

E: [email protected]          P: 0473 950 091          Fb: @kapwhitsundays

Julianne Wood

Julianne is a born and bred Townsville girl who is passionate about her hometown and is determined to fight to make it better as part of the KAP team. She is happily married with three adult children and says growing up in Townsville has been an awesome experience. As part of Julianne’s commitment to making Townsville a better place, she created the Take Back Townsville page and group to address and fight against the Government to have changes made to legislation to address of control juvenile crime. “To this day, they still choose to ignore us and they will pay a price come election day,” she says. Her passion is helping her community, and holding the Government accountable for the pain, anxiety, stress, fear and expense they have caused everyone. Julianne is running for KAP in Thuringowa as she truly believes in the party’s core values and principles.

E: [email protected]          P: 0413 246 610          Fb: @kapthuringowa

Joshua Schwarz

Townsville candidate Josh Schwarz has been making the region his home since 1999, when he began studying Marine Biology at James Cook University. In 2009 Josh commenced working with the northern beef industry as a Reef Rescue Project Officer. Soon after Josh took a role with Queensland’s Department of Primary Industries as a Reef Extension Officer. Josh was also an advisor to the Department of Environment and Resource Management, grazing within the catchments adjacent to the GBR Marine Park. Josh has served as Senior Grazing Officer with NQ Dry Tropics – the regional Natural Resource Management body for the Burdekin catchment and he also served in the role of Community Assessor with the federal Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries. Since 2016 he has been working in the Ag Supplies field and is currently the Territory Sales Representative. Josh is smart, hard working a dedicated to bringing change to Townsville.

E: [email protected]          P: 0417 552 898          Fb: @joshschwarzkaptownsville

Christian Shepherd

Christian grew up in Rockhampton and is immensely proud to call this special part of the world his home. “Queensland has world class tourism, agricultural and mining industries and these have been the foundation on which our fantastic standard of living has been built”, he says. “This hasn’t happened by accident though, and requires careful planning, diligence and strong support to ensure it continues long into the future, especially now in the wake of COVID-19.”  If elected to be your voice in State Parliament, Christian says he will strive to improve legislative and fiscal outcomes for our region. “I want to ensure that my region is given proper investment and can no longer sit idly by watching major parties ignore regional Queensland.” If elected, his main focus areas will be reducing energy prices for all consumers, reforming vegetation management laws, supporting local industry and water projects.

E: [email protected]          P: 0474 728 335         Fb: @kaprockhampton

Paul Hudson

Born overseas and into the hard economic times in Scotland, Paul was determined to do better for himself and family. Appreciating all that Australia has to offer, and working hard over the years, he is now happy to call Queensland home. Paul has worked in Scotland, Iceland, France and Norway and travelled and lived in many other parts of the world. He left Scotland in 1984 and went to work in Norway as a consultant to the Offshore Oil Industry. When he completed his duties in Norway, he decided to follow his dream and emigrate to Australia. “I love Australia and I am fed up with seeing public money being wasted on vanity projects, while the real issues are ignored,” Mr Hudson said. “If elected I will make sure taxpayer’s money is spent on what matters and what is important to industry, agriculture, business and health.”

E: [email protected]          P: 0481 204 221         Fb: @paulhudsonkap

Alannah Tomlinson

I love my kids and would like to see a better life for every child. I am passionate about fair goes and that’s why I’ve joined KAP. My passions are people and the want to help people that want to help themselves. I work well in customer service because I get involved in what people do. My focus is job security, building a better economy, decreasing crime and youth crime and highlighting indigenous culture and connections. If I am elected, I will help establish the relocation project and work with police and indigenous groups for better lives for the youth as well as work with programs and create a streamline process for after rehabilitation. Finally, I will create jobs through industry to create more profit for Townsville, fight for farmers rights and fair pay and listen to concerns of the public and work with them to make Townsville great.

E: [email protected]          P: 0447 332 508          Fb: @alannahtomlinsonkap

Rick Gurnett

Rick Gurnett has spent his entire life in rural and regional Australia and wants to use his knowledge and passion to make sure the voices of Warrego voters are heard. “Raising a family in southwest Queensland has given me an insight Rto how important it is that we have MPs that are fighting for the regions to give people west of the range the same access to health, aged care, education and other essential services as those in the South East corner enjoy. “My passion is agriculture and I have always worked towards owning property and providing food and fibre for our great country.”. He has become increasingly concerned about the high-handed decisions legislated by the major parties which have eroded people’s rights and freedoms. “This is the reason I have put myself forward as part of the KAP to right these wrongs and get our country back on track.” 

E: [email protected]          P: 0487 378 512          Fb: @kapcandidatewarrego

Attila Feher-Holan

Attila Feher-Holan was raised in Cairns and worked as a labourer in Cairns and on farms in Innisfail. After a career in the Security industry, he left Cairns in 2000 to join the Royal Australian Air Force to serve as an Air Field Defence Guard, his service including a deployment to the Middle East in 2005. From 2000 to 2008, Attila served in the Australian Defence Force, and after remuster to Logistics he ran Mounting Base East from 2003 to 2005 and was responsible for managing every piece of equipment sent to and from Australia for every operation. Attila was awarded The Bronze Commendation from the Deputy Chief of Joint Operations for the vital role he played at MBEast. Attila is very much about practicing what he preaches, too – he has been a Queensland SES volunteer since 1991 and is the founder of the Cairns Safe Knights volunteer group.

E: [email protected]          P: 0400 004 043          Fb: @kapmulgrave

Elected Members


Bob Katter

Member for Kennedy (FED)

Robbie Katter

Member for Traeger (QLD)

Shane Knuth

Member for Hill (QLD)

Nick Dametto

Member for Hinchinbrook  (QLD)