Fraser Anning

Senator for Queensland

Fraser Anning

Senator for Queensland

Fraser Anning is a Senator for Queensland

Fraser was born to a cattle grazing family in Far North West Queensland. He went to school in Brisbane and then returned to the bush where he met and married his now wife Fiona.  They then had two daughters and now have two grandchildren.

Fraser has been a grazier, a builders labourer, a pilot, a light plane manufacturer, a gas industry worker and a hotelier. He is a conservative Christian who strongly supports traditional social values. As an Australian Nationalist, he also believes in Australia and Australians first.

He believes in; low taxes and personal responsibility, in the virtues of hard work and thrift, of reward for effort, of the freedom to do and say what you think, that the key role of government is to provide laws for the enforcement of contracts, to provide physical security for businesses and individuals and to build infrastructure, that priority for government expenditure is not obligation-free handouts but nation building, of providing the facilities and infrastructure which businesses and farmers need to develop and grow and which provides for secure well-paid jobs, the ordinary working people have the right to expect a fair days pay for a fair days work.

Fraser  has been a staunch advocate for regional Queensland in the Senate since his appointment in November 2017. He believes that KAP’s vision for Queensland and Australia aligns perfectly with his own and wants to give regional Queensland the strongest voice.

“When regional Queensland prospers so does the whole state.”

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1300 301 952

Brisbane Office

Phone:  (07) 3221 9099
Visit:      Level 36, 1 Eagle Street,
_________Brisbane, QLD 4000

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