Dirk Egan

Federal Candidate for Groom (QLD)

Dirk Egan

Federal Candidate for Groom (QLD)

Katter’s Australian Party Candidate for Groom (QLD)

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Dirk Egan was born in the Brisbane suburb of Carina to hard working parents. His dad owned a number of small businesses including a bread run and he was also an owner driver for Comet Overnight Transport. Dirk has enjoyed more than 20 years living and raising 3 children in the Toowoomba Region.

Dirk Egan understands the value of hard work and isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty. Dirk is a qualified chef, having worked in iconic locations such as Alice Springs, Ayers Rock Resort and Sheraton Hobart Hotel. Dirk’s working life spans the paddock to plate experience, as he has 20 years experience across meat processing, feedlots, dairy and waste industries. Dirk’s varied working life has provided him with a keen insight into the struggles faced by many producers including personal experience of the impact that deregulation of the dairy industry has had on farmers. He currently works in the Construction Industry on the Toowoomba Second Range Crossing and has a keen interest in the region’s future.

Dirk’s initial introduction to politics was at the local level, contesting the Mayoral position in Toowoomba Council Elections. Dirk believes it is time for real people, with real life experience to represent their local community, rather than career politicians, following party lines. Dirk is concerned that Groom has been overlooked in the past, as the ‘comfortable’ Liberal Party haven’t had to fight to maintain their position in the region.

Dirk is a candidate with “hands on life experience” and a passion to see Groom and the Darling Downs region prosper.

Some of Dirk’s priorities are;

  • The Inland Rail Project – influence decision makers to use existing rail corridors wherever possible, as this will reduce the impact on prime farming land and reduce the burden of compensation that Governments will owe to land owners.
  • Sustainable water security for Groom
  • Further the national discussion regarding immigration; including a focus on migrants with values that align with Australian culture and national values.
  • Implement legislation to reduce opportunity for foreign ownership of Australian farms, businesses and land
  • Decrease our dependence on imported fuels
  • Reintroduce the insulation rebate scheme
  • Implement legislation to ensure that all state school funding is linked directly to students’ needs
  • No further increase to the minimum eligibility for the age the pension


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07 4401 5037

KAP Head Office

Phone:  (07) 4401 5037
Visit:      2/321 Sturt Street
_______Townsville, QLD 4810
Post:      PO Box 1022, Townsville QLD 4810

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