Become a Member

Become a Member

We want you on our Team.

Katter’s Australian Party is a real alternative to the major parties, who time and time again let Australia down.

Unlike other minority parties, Katter’s Australian Party has the experience to make your vote count in parliament. We have clearly developed policies that we fight for.

Our Members of Parliament always vote in the best interests of their electorates. We are focused on building a better Australia.

You becoming a member helps Katter’s Australian Party to stay strong. Your membership helps us continue to develop policies that help you. Your membership also helps us run our election campaigns, which are critical if we are to win more seats in state and federal parliament.

What you get when you become a member:

Weekly emails keeping you up to date with what our members of parliament are doing;
KAP’s quarterly magazine Katter Quarterly mailed to you for free;
Discounts on KAP merchandise;
The opportunity to vote at KAP’s annual general meeting;
The chance to nominate as a candidate for state and federal elections;
The opportunity to become a branch member and contribute ideas to KAP’s policy development.