Anthony Wallis

Federal Candidate for Maranoa (QLD)

Anthony Wallis

Federal Candidate for Maranoa (QLD)

Katter’s Australian Party Candidate for Maranoa (QLD)

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A fifth generation farmer, Anthony is married and has four children. As his children have grown older he has become more concerned with the lack of direction in Australian politics. Regional areas are being ignored and he wants to secure jobs and a future for his children in the bush. He owns and runs a farming and grazing enterprise at Hannaford on the Western Downs. On his property he grows dryland cereals and runs meat sheep.

He attended primary school at the same school his children have attended. After completing an agricultural degree in Gatton he moved to Dalby, spending five years working for an ag business consultancy.

An opportunity arose to manage the family farm business and he and his wife took this on and have recently purchased the business. For the last fourteen years he has been managing the property and also works contracting machinery in the local district. In 2012 he completed a Masters in Accounting adding a great strength to his business skills.

He understands that agriculture and mining have a strong connection with the regional centres that support them. His experiences working in a regional town and having invested personally in the agricultural sector gives him an excellent understanding of the issues that are relevant in the Maranoa.

He believes the major parties are letting the rural and regional areas down and that change on the political landscape is desperately needed.

Issues that he wishes to address in parliament include:

Lack of direction on energy due to the alarmist attitude of many surrounding climate change which has caused electricity prices to rise. We need to make sure we have enough base load power.

Immigration policy has seen far too many new immigrants and this needs to be drastically reduced to maintain the social fabric of our country and take the pressure off infrastructure

The LNP have dropped the ball on live export, this industry is again under attack and he wants to be the man to stand up for this in Canberra. We need this part of the industry.

It is important for the government to support regional businesses and ensure jobs are available for us and our children to work in rural areas.

Free trade agreements are not giving us the result that the major parties would have us believe as can be seen by cheap pork imports and India dumping sugar as examples.

Gun ownership is important and he will insure that we retain the rights we have now and advocate for better laws in the future.

On the land he knows the effect tree clearing laws are having on farm businesses and will push for more freedom to clear and better governance of the law.

We have seen an increase in laws being changed surrounding Gender. These laws are starting to impact other Australians in many ways, especially in sport. He will bring some logic and common sense to the debate.

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