Matthew Tomlinson

Federal Candidate for Wright (QLD)

Matthew Tomlinson

Federal Candidate for Wright (QLD)

Katter’s Australian Party Candidate for Wright (QLD)

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A born and bred Beaudesert local, Matt Tomlinson is the new face in the race for the future of Wright. From his farming upbringing and his work as a stockman, Matt knows the struggles that everyday Australians face in the current economy, and believes he help can deliver the necessary adjustments to ease those burdens. He believes the ‘Great Australian Dream’ has been hijacked by greed from not only the big banks, but the petroleum corporations, supermarket chains, taxation at every angle of purchase, and red tape from bureaucracy. It’s time to do what’s right, and do what Australians have always done – stand up for the little guy!

With Australia’s natural resources highly sought after from corporations here and abroad, Matt believes we need to ensure a balance between prosperity and protecting our environmental diversity, as well as our unique and celebrated flora and fauna. We shouldn’t be giving away our resources for the prosperity of another nation, while our environment, our backyard, is irreversibly vandalised. This balance also applies to the rural sector, and Matt believes that farmers are the ones generally best positioned to understand the fundamental needs for their farming lands, and shouldn’t be as heavily restricted by city bureaucracy and impractical, unrealistic ‘Green’ ideology. Nearly 15% of Australia’s available farm lands are now owned by foreign entities, our export industry is under fire, and urban developments are knocking on the door of our most fertile and productive farmlands. Matt wants to protect these areas of national significance, and believes it’s time for a government that is aware of our current position in the world and the opportunity we have in the future as a food providing superpower, and Wright is in amongst the most important areas of our food-bowl.

For too long, the foresight and importance of infrastructure has left many Australians, especially those in rural communities, in the realms of third world nations. Public transport, communication, road networks, once all these were privatised, they became a nail in the coffin for numerous rural communities. Several areas in Wright were amongst the last to be hooked up to the NBN, and many of Wright’s more remote families and businesses have no access to it still, while having to pay for internet and television supplied by satellite. It’s indignant that those who provide much of the food for this nation, who live so remotely, are slugged the hardest at every turn when trying to make a better life, and better communities, and a better nation. Matt Tomlinson understands this, and is willing to help make real change for rural Australians.

As a passionate outdoorsman, Matt Tomlinson wants to open more opportunities and lands for recreation. He believes that too much ‘Crown’ land is locked up, and considers a North American style model of ‘Public Lands’ would be more beneficial in allowing recreational outdoorspeople onto various tracts will open up much needed rural tourism dollars, help reduce the loads of pests and bushfire risks, and raise more awareness for the incredible wilderness areas we have.

Matthew will be campaigning for better infrastructure development in the Wright electorate, including a proper highway from Beaudesert to Brisbane, improving public transport available in the area and supporting more schools for the region. He will also be the voice for farmers in the electorate, who are under-represented and heavily restricted by bureaucracy and “Green-tape”. Matthew believes that Wright has been taken for granted, and neglected for far too long. This is reflected in the lack of funding and infrastructure for the region. KAP offers a pro-regional/rural representation to ensure that the region receives its fair level of federal investment.

KAP welcomes Matthew to the team, and believes he is the Wright choice! A vote for Matt Tomlinson is not only better for Wright, but better for Australia.


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